ISNE - International Society of Noninvasive Evaluation  


ISNE mission is to be a member organization for Noninvasive Evaluation Diagnostics, Methods, and Monitoring.

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The International Society of Noninvasive Evaluation (ISNE) is a member trade society of noninvasive medical diagnostics and monitoring equipment. ISNE provides a platform for noninvasive evaluation medical professionals, students, educational institutions and marketers.

As the population ages, there is a greater need to develop clinical and personal diagnostic tools. As wait times for medical attention increases, the automation of the noninvasive collecting of patient vitals could significantly improve the efficiency of modern health care. Combine the collection of these vitals with a system that can present a summary of possible diagnostic conclusions and the time spent in a waiting room can be better utilized to aid both the patient and the medical professional. 

Medical equipment are not all equal. Medical devices vary greatly, and are typically classified according to the degree of invasiveness. Noninvasive procedures are those that do not involve a break in the skin. There is no contact with the mucous membrane or internal body cavity other than through a natural or artificial body orifice. Procedures used to evaluate health and/or detect presence of a disease such as taking a pulse, listening to the sounds of the heart and lungs, gauging blood pressure, and performing an oral exam, are all considered noninvasive, as are the instruments used to perform them. Infrared imaging of the body, X-rays, and electrocardiography (EKG), as well as patient-monitoring systems for such conditions as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, are among the more-advanced noninvasive methods in modern medicine that are used to make diagnoses. Radiation therapy, radiosurgery, and defibrillation (to restore normal heart rhythm) are examples of noninvasive treatments of diseases and conditions.

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